Additive Manufacturing And Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning – 3D Printing & 3D Design Service

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At FineFinish, we rapidly solve our customers’ toughest problems through agile, innovative 3D printing solutions. Using PRUSA Technology, PRUSA 3D printers we create a custom finished product from a 3D CAD file using PLA, FLEXIBLE, CARBONFIBRE, PETG, ABS materials.

Our 3D printing technology is capable of handling complexity beyond what is possible with traditional manufacturing technology approaches. Plus, design modifications can be made on the 3D CAD file and reprinted without complicated and expensive changes. With a high print speed and endless part geometry, FineFinish 3D Printing is your optimal choice for printing cost-effective, customized parts using industrial-grade materials

Modeling and analyzing real-world objects to create accurate three dimensional digital models. Our scanning technology employs high-end technology and skill sets to cater to client requirements

Whether you have a part to reproduce for which no drawing or 3D model exists, or you need to quickly redesign or simply modify an existing part and either mill or 3D print it FineFinish Engineering can do the job.

Accelerate your design, prototype, and production cycle by weeks and save thousands in the process.