Metal Laser Cutting Services

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Oree Laser-FMA3015

Middle sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Bed Details

3050mm x 1530mm

Positioning Accuracy


Maximum Cutting Thickness

20mm Mild Steel 12mm Stainless Steel 8mm Aluminium

Laser Cutting Machine​

At FineFinish, we bring your projects to life with the precision of our Laser Cutting Machine. Elevate your designs with cuts that redefine perfection, going beyond the ordinary. Watch as raw materials transform into customized marvels, embracing the unique details of your project. Our Laser Cutting Machine seamlessly blends speed and accuracy, ensuring every cut contributes to the creation of a flawless final product. It’s simplicity meeting excellence, guaranteeing your ideas come to life effortlessly and flawlessly. Trust us to shape your vision with the power of laser precision.

Discover precision like never before with our OM-FRA 3015 Laser Cutting Machine.

Take your fabrication endeavors to new heights with unmatched efficiency and versatility.