High Precision Machine Shop Serving Industries Worldwide


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High Precision Machine Shop Serving Industries Worldwide

During our many years in operation, we’ve handled all manner of projects across a range of industries. Our standard process when taking on the projects of our customers is simple but thorough. We analyze the nature and the scale of the service or product required from us and we devise a solution on the strength of the collective expertise and skills of our machinists, programmers, technicians, supervisors and management. In this manner, we are able to identify and address the individual requirements of even the largest projects.

As a result of the range of machinery and equipment that we possess, we are able to adapt and cater to the exact need of a specific project. We are able to go further than most machine shops for the highly precise cuts you require for your parts and components. This is due to the unparalleled CNC machining capabilities that we wield, which place state-of-the-art machinery in the hands of our immensely skilled personnel.

Propossed Plan

A comprehensive plan of the machinery and the expertise required to complete the project is, first, developed.


Our experienced team leaders guide the personnel involved to complete the project according to the plan.


Across each stage of production, systems are in place to ensure that our superior quality standards are maintained.

The Idea

Progress Summary

Overall Process


Our quality, safety and on-site service assurance


Our belief lies firmly in the provision of products and services exhibiting the utmost quality standards. At FineFinish Engineering, our employees are trained in all aspects of engineering and remain abreast of industry-leading production methods to ensure the delivery of the highest quality products to your doorstep.

Our skilled workforce in combination with our highly-trained supervisors allow us to guarantee superior production consistently. As one of the largest machine shops in Sri Lanka, we operate several ranges of high-accuracy machines at our facility as precision reigns in our line of work.


At FineFinish Engineering, we operate as one big family. We ensure that our employees are provided the best safety equipment and attire to perform the demanding work that they carry out. We continuously host training sessions on safety procedures, to educate our brothers on the safest methods of operation as well as safety precautions that can be taken in and around our working area. The notion of family is something we value immensely and, therefore, we feel it is a duty of ours to their loved ones, to do everything in our capacity to ensure that we provide a completely hazard-free working environment.

We also uphold the responsibility of seeing to our customers’ well-being. We adopt the most advanced techniques and methods, while affording a great deal of time and care, to make sure that each line of production coming through our line is inspected and tested, in a thorough manner, prior to reaching our customer. Furthermore, as part of our continuous responsibility to our customers, we also offer onsite assistance to guarantee that everything is running smoothly in a non-hazardous way.


On-site assistance plays a large role in the comprehensive service that we provide our customers. We firmly believe that our services should extend to how a certain piece of machinery or equipment performs even after it has been delivered to you. As such, our FineFInish Mobile Workshops provide on-site repairs and servicing for industrial machinery and heavy vehicle machinery. Our mobile workshops are fully equipped with the necessary gadgets and equipment so as to offer a wide range of repair and servicing capabilities.

In this manner, we are able to offer our customers a full, end-to-end service; from our customized production effort right down to the maintenance and upkeep of machinery.


Client Reviews


“We wish to express our full satisfaction for the quality of workmanship from this company and the professional approach in which they have have executed the contracts”

Shirantha Chularathne (Maintenance Manager – Ceylon Pencil Co. Pvt Ltd) Atlas