As Ports and Aviation continues to build and expand, these industries consistently need the best parts to maintain efficient, reliable operations in a safe manner. As a leading Mechanical Service provider, FFE is able to provide services to meet their requirements on-time.


Solutions geared towards the challenges of the Ports and Aviation Industry

The Ports and Aviation Industry requires durable, dependable components and often encounters unexpected situations requiring unique solutions. As the Ports and Aviation industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, the guarantee of the best parts to maintain efficient, reliable operations in a safe manner becomes all the more important. Precision and accuracy are essential when machining such components.

Key Features

Key Features

CNC Solutions

We use state-of-the-art CNC machines to manufacture components with the most precise accuracy and the tightest tolerances.


Metal fabrication is a specialized group under FFE providing high-quality Fabrication Solutions.

Gear Wheel & Piston

We offer hydraulic piston machining & gear wheel manufacture and repair.

SAGT Port of Colombo

FFE consistently produces reliable components for the most challenging of jobs. SAGT has become more of a lifetime partner, following just one service.

HITEC Sensor Development

We’ve worked in a close capacity with HITEC (previously AeroSense) to develop and manufacture customized components to cater to their specific needs.


With CICT, our ties are built on the consistent provision of solutions for their complex component challenges.

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