Our Facilities

We offer CNC Solutions including Milling and Turning, Plasma Cutting, Profile Grinding, Wire Cut, EDM, and pioneer in Fabrication, Hydraulic & Pneumatic solutions. We also provide 24/7 service to our clients on any engineering solution.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machining capabilities allow us to transform materials and produce custom machined components for our partners with great precision and immense control, according to an exact set of specific..

Haas CNC ST-20Y | 8


8" Chuck | 10" Chuck | Y-Axis

VF-4 | 40-Taper Mill | Vertical Mills – Haas CNC Machines


40-Taper Mill | Vertical Mills

Haas CNC VM-2 | High-Performance VMCs | 40-Taper | Mold Machines


High-Performance VMCs | 40-Taper | Mold Machines

VF-2 | 40-Taper Mill | Vertical Mills – Haas CNC Machines


40-Taper Mill | Vertical Mills

Haas CNC Toolroom Lathes | 8


Toolroom Lathes | 8" Chuck

Wire Cutting Job Work

Wire EDM

Heavy-duty lathe machining

Middle sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Laser Cutting Machine

plasma cutter price , Welding Machines Sri Lanka


FFE’s plasma cutting machines are used to cut metals for a diverse range of purposes for our partners.

Hydraulic Service Facility

Hydraulic Press

Our hydraulic press brakes are used to bend plates for a wide range of mechanical and engineering applications.

Hydraulic Service Bench (Length 30 feet)

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Bench (Length 30 feet)

FineFinish Engineering’s hydraulic cylinder bench is utilized extensively in the service and repair of hydraulic cylinders.

portable line boring machine

Portable Line Boring

We utilize our portable line boring machine to enlarge holes by using its precise mechanical boring head.

Manual Machining Facility

Manual Precision Lathe

Manual Lathe

Manual Milling

Manual Milling

Shaper Machine


Surface Grinding Machine

Surface Grinding

Slotting Machine


3d Printing

Your Reliable Source for 3D Printing Solutions. Experience our cutting-edge technology and expertise in delivering precise and innovative 3D printing solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Trust us for high-quality prints and exceptional service.

3d Scanning

FineFinish Engineering: Your Go-To Destination for 3D Printing Facility. Discover our state-of-the-art 3D facility equipped with cutting-edge technology, offering a wide range of 3D printing services. From rapid prototyping to customized production, we provide efficient and high-quality 3D printing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Other Facility

Tig, Mig, Arc, Spray, and Gas Welding


At FineFinish Engineering, we use Tig, Mig, Arc, Spray, and Gas Welding to work on a wide range of surfaces.

Profile and Cylinder Grinding ​

Profile and Cylinder Grinding

FineFinish Engineering’s cylindrical grinding machines allow us to grind parts to high-precision tolerances with immense control.

Auto Bore Welding

FineFinish Engineering’s auto bore welding option allows us to achieve a greater level of welding precision.

Induction hardening​

Induction hardening

FFE’s induction hardening machines can be used to surface-harden metal parts in just a few seconds.